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Peridot Tarım

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Increase agricultural productivity and invest in a
healthy future with high-quality nutritional solutions!
Who are we?

Our company, which was established in the automation sector, based in Adana in 2017, entered the agricultural sector as of 2023 after 3 years of R & D work and received the distributorship of solid and liquid, organic and microbial fertilizers of vegetable origin.

Our company, which operates in a closed area of ​​1500 m2, gives dealership in the provinces it is affiliated with and rapidly expands its sales chain. By making the shipments of our brands to our dealers, we supply solid and liquid, organic and microbial fertilizers that our farmers need in production. Our company provides support to our customers in the field and in the office with our expert Agricultural Engineers. We are aware of the responsibility of the steps we take in all the activities we are involved in, and we always search and question with the aim of being the pioneer of change and innovation instead of fixed ideas. We attach importance to the ideas and works of our business partners, and move towards our goals by saying "We" instead of "I". We provide the right service to our customers in line with their needs, and we act with the principle of honesty in all our internal and external relations.

Peridot Tarım İnşaat ve San. Trade Ltd. Sti. with its management office, showroom store and warehouse section in a closed area of ​​1500 m2. We continue our activities and services.

Vision Mission

Our Vision

The nutritional value, yield and quality of a plant determine its national/international market value.
Our vision as Peridot Tarım; 'Providing necessary plant nutrients and protection products to grow the plant in a healthy, high quality and productive manner, creating a fattening and market value that will provide an advantage in international competition for our producers in plant production and yield, with special plant nutrition and pre-protection programs in plant production in our country.
Peridot Tarım, supported by KOSGEB, has R&D opportunities to measure the bio-efficiency and bio-benefits of the greenhouse/farm facilities where the products are applied, with special agreements with the producers. The nutritional needs of the plant are determined and specific plant nutrition programs are prepared for each plant. Thus, by ensuring optimum use of inputs, preventing overdose and/or unnecessary fertilizer use, it contributes to prevent the soils from becoming barren, as well as providing financial savings to producers with more economical input planning. provides.

Vision Mission

Our Mission

To create a fattening and market value that will provide an advantage to our producers in international competition in plant production and yield in our country by supplying the necessary plant nutrients and protection products to grow the plant healthy, high quality and productive. For this; We supply special plant nutrients and pre-protective products according to the type of soil, the type of plant, the growth period of the plant, the way the plant receives nutrients. To help our customers obtain high quality and efficient products by providing innovative fertilizer products and solutions for their needs, optimizing plant growth. In addition, to contribute to the protection of natural resources and environmental sustainability by promoting sustainable agricultural practices. By adding the products that will provide Price, Quality and Maximum efficiency to our company's portfolio, taking into account the costs and maximum benefits of our producers, to ensure the increase in efficiency and quality we aim for in all areas of agriculture. we are working for. As Peridot Tarım, to carry out activities within the framework of social responsibility to contribute to the establishment and dissemination of this awareness in every stakeholder in the other link of the human food chain and at the point of consumption. To be the leading company in the sector by providing sustainable nutritional solutions to increase agricultural productivity.

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